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[Living in the Past]
[Sweetly Toxic]
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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my little page dedicated to the lifestyle that is "Lolita". Please feel free to look around and join this community. You are welcome to ask questions and feel at home!

18th-Aug-2009 11:12 pm - intro
I don't think there are any active people in this group, but I'm posting an intro. anyway. I'm a college student who recentely (a year or so ago) got into lolita style. I haven't gotten any lolita clothes yet, but I hope to earn enough money soon to do so. I'm not sure what else to say about me, but I hope to make some friends in here!
2nd-May-2009 11:10 pm - [Adorable Lolita Game]
[Dress up Lolita Game!]

Go ahead, try it out!
30th-Apr-2009 09:13 am - [Such a Rainy Day]
Good morning everyone! (or evening)
I've just been thinking about things lately, and I just wonderd how the whole issue of tattoos go in the Lolita scene.
I'm sure with a few of the other groups where showing large amounts of skin and stuff it's okay,
but being a sweet or gothic lolita, where being conserative is best. . .I doubt that it's proper.
Let me know what you guys think or know. . .

29th-Apr-2009 09:16 am - [Headdress Making]
So, I made my first headdress last night! ^_^
It wasn't too bad for my first attempt. . .but I just need a little more practice.
It's a red/black fabric, which I cannot think of the proper name at the moment! >_<,
but it has two 16" ties on either side with two black ribbon bows above them following a black lace trim around the edges.
I'm going to track down some batteries tonight and see if I can't post some pictures.
Along with the headdress, I'll post some pictures of my mini top hats that I've made a few months ago.
Soon, I'm sure, I'll start making one a day and probably begin selling them shortly.
Possibly, even taking custom orders. . .if they aren't too complicated! ^_^
Anyways, I just thought that I'd let you guys know!

28th-Apr-2009 06:39 am - [My Lolita Birthday Picnic]
Ok, so my birthday in coming up in June so I really wanted to have a fun and whimsical party.  I was going to have a tea party but it seemed far too formal, so I opted for a picnic instead. ^_^
There's a really pretty State Park about 5 miles from my house with the coolest hidden nooks and really enchanting clearings. . . what a better place, huh?
I was thinking that we'd have fun little girl games and totally not act our age:
  • Croquet
  • Bubble Blowing
  • Cloud Watching
  • Hide-and-go-Seek
  • Duck-Duck-Goose
Just a fun Lolita/Victorian picnic! ^_^  Food wise I still don't have everything thought of yet. 
Up until my birthday I'll need help from everyone, if you'd like to help me. . .post your ideas and I'm sure I'll consider! ^_~
After I'll post pictures from the day, but that will be awhile!
28th-Apr-2009 06:33 am - [Starting Out]
So, I'm sitting here at 5 o'clock in the morning wondering how exactly to start this.
Maybe I should start with a little about myself and how I became interested in everything.
Well, I first was [and still am] a HUGE fan of Visual Kei and with that genre of music came the awesome costumes.
As I found newer bands and different people pioneering their style Mana was uncovered!
Wow!  Talk about being jealous of a guy. . . o_O'
Anyways, I soon found his label, Moi-Même-Moitié, and fell in love!
So taking small ideas from his line and throwing in some feelings from the Sweet Lolita genre
I have made my own style.
Sadly, where I live is literally in the middle of a corn field and the Lolita fashion has NEVER been seen or done before. . . but now I'm here and I'm the only one! >_<'
I've asked my best friend if she'd want to, but she said no.
It's hard being the only one, and when you get confronted with questions that make you uncomfortable you have no one to stand up for you in your defense.  I can fight my own battles,
but it's nice to know that someone knows what it's like. . .
Ah, whatever. . . it doesn't matter, but it would be cool to have a few more Lolita's around here. . .
There could be and I wouldn't know it! >_<' I don't get out much! T-T
Fashion has always been a large part of my life so it would only be a  matter of time until I had my own fashion show which was in October of last year, with long frock coats, capes, Opera coats, priest coats, miniture top hats and everything else.
Since having that experience I've been asked to design several other works, but finally I'm working on my Lolita line!
Ohhhhhhhh!  I'm so happy! ^_^
I just thought that I'd say something little about me, but if you want to know the full story. . . it's all explained on my Myspace: www.myspace.com/mayme
Well, I've got to go to work in a few hours. . .

Au revoir, 
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