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28th-Apr-2009 06:33 am
So, I'm sitting here at 5 o'clock in the morning wondering how exactly to start this.
Maybe I should start with a little about myself and how I became interested in everything.
Well, I first was [and still am] a HUGE fan of Visual Kei and with that genre of music came the awesome costumes.
As I found newer bands and different people pioneering their style Mana was uncovered!
Wow!  Talk about being jealous of a guy. . . o_O'
Anyways, I soon found his label, Moi-Même-Moitié, and fell in love!
So taking small ideas from his line and throwing in some feelings from the Sweet Lolita genre
I have made my own style.
Sadly, where I live is literally in the middle of a corn field and the Lolita fashion has NEVER been seen or done before. . . but now I'm here and I'm the only one! >_<'
I've asked my best friend if she'd want to, but she said no.
It's hard being the only one, and when you get confronted with questions that make you uncomfortable you have no one to stand up for you in your defense.  I can fight my own battles,
but it's nice to know that someone knows what it's like. . .
Ah, whatever. . . it doesn't matter, but it would be cool to have a few more Lolita's around here. . .
There could be and I wouldn't know it! >_<' I don't get out much! T-T
Fashion has always been a large part of my life so it would only be a  matter of time until I had my own fashion show which was in October of last year, with long frock coats, capes, Opera coats, priest coats, miniture top hats and everything else.
Since having that experience I've been asked to design several other works, but finally I'm working on my Lolita line!
Ohhhhhhhh!  I'm so happy! ^_^
I just thought that I'd say something little about me, but if you want to know the full story. . . it's all explained on my Myspace: www.myspace.com/mayme
Well, I've got to go to work in a few hours. . .

Au revoir, 
19th-Aug-2009 03:11 am (UTC) - hi!
I see you've written a number of posts in this group, but no one has responded. I just joined, but I'll say hello!I haven't actually starting wearing lolita. Need to get money first, but I hope to soon.
I understand being the only one. I don't live in a small town during the summer and winter, but where I go to college is a small town. Unfortunately, I think both areas have a zero lolita population, accept maybe one friend at school, but she's in the same boat as me. So don't feel alone! Oh, and I'd love to see some of your designs!
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